Tierica Berry

Women’s Empowerment Speaker, “Authorpreneur” Coach, and Published Author

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Butterfly Effect Workshop Type: 1 Hour presentation Description: Not only is this a crowd favorite but this presentation
is near and dear to my heart. In this one hour women’s empowerment
presentation I share personal stories of my metamorphosis. Through
my transparency young women are able to see themselves battling with
the same feelings of inadequacy, promiscuity, and pain. Through a mix of
open dialogue and spoken word your young women will leave feeling
recharged and ready to fly!

Title: What Your Students REALLY Think About You Workshop Type: Half Day Professional Development/ Staff Training Topics Covered: Qualities of ‘Favorite Teachers’/ Teaching strategies that don’t work/ Day One in The Classroom/ De-escalation/ Standards vs. Requirements/ Gaining a student’s respect without compromising your position of power/ Class Management/ Setting Boundaries/ Why Students Need to Know “Why?”
Description: All too often we attend training on how different teachers apply different teaching models and tactics. Very rarely do we hear how these teaching models are received by the students. Who better to deliver this eye opening presentation than Tierica Berry? Being only a few years removed from the classroom she elegantly articulates the effectiveness and perception of teachers’ actions in and out of the classroom from the students’ perspective. This presentation will bridge the generational gap, provide a cheat sheet for when students test your limits, and reveal what your students really think about their teachers and administrators. If your students had to give you a final grade… would you pass?
I Thank My Pain for My Power Workshop Type: 1 hour interactive youth presentation Description: Everyone experiences pain. This presentation really drives this point home. Participants will learn how to own your pain instead of letting your pain own you. Tierica helps students understand pain does not excuse you from your responsibilities or actions at any age. By utilizing real life examples participants will learn how to overcome painful experiences to boost esteem, aid in transition, and increase student achievement and success. Unlike theoretical presenters Tierica provides relevant tools for practical application of turning your pain into power. Students will be challenged to adopt a new outlook on their pain and approach life with a fresh perspective thanking their pain because they understand every setback is an opportunity for a comeback.
Title: Shout It Out! Workshop Type: Youth Presentation Topics Covered: The Difference Between Positive and Negative Expression, Acknowledging Emotion, Proper Decision Making, Staying Focused on Goals, Job and Career Readiness Description: Displaced anger and emotion is the root of most major behavior problems. Identifying the problem is a big step in solving this epidemic, however, without a relevant solution; these behavior problems will only continue. This presentation is designed to help teens and young adults identify their most effective form of positive expression and learn how to use it on a regular basis to boost self-esteem, motivation, and confidence. Tierica will walk teens and young adults through real life scenarios and help analyze the trigger, the emotion, and the action. Students will have an opportunity to brainstorm positive alternatives to the negative forms of expression provided in each scenario. By the end of the presentation students will have a clearer understanding of their personal form of positive expression and verbally Shouting It Out will be the affirmation needed to drive the point home.
Ladies Are Hustlers Too Workshop Type: 1 Hour presentation Topics Covered: 10 power principles to professional and personal success, Practical strategies for applying these principles Description: The Ladies Are Hustlers too presentation is a real talk, solution-based workshop that will forever change one’s life! Based on the book Ladies Are Hustlers Too by award winning author and success strategist, Hotep. This presentation eloquently articulates 10 common best practices that have been used since the dawn of time and sums it up with the Hustler’s 10 Commandments. Learn the mindset of history’s most powerful, wealthy, and influential women, why women are the most powerful force on this planet and how they can reclaim their power and use it to transform the world. The presentation not only provides the 10 principles, but also, how they can be easily applied into one’s personal and professional life. The Ladies Are Hustlers Too presentation is highly popular because of its practical, “by any means” methodology that is especially needed in today’s economy.
Keep It Moving Workshop Type: 1 hour Interactive Youth Presentation Topics Covered: Violence Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Resiliency, Positive Habit/ Behavior Formation, Goal Setting Description: Keep It Moving is a resiliency, violence prevention and conflict resolution presentation that helps students march forward through Trials and Tribulations onward to Triumph! The strategies taught focus on helping young people solve common day-to-day life problems by setting and focusing on goals, forming better habits, changing non-productive behavior, being proactive and making better decisions. The masterful techniques in Keep It Moving aid in anger management, anti-bullying, stress/anxiety reduction, depression and problem solving.

Impoverished to Empowered: Why Entrepreneurship Works with At-Risk Youth Workshop Type: 1 Hour Staff Training Description: Did you know that there’s a “secret weapon” in education proven to help youth raise the literacy rate, increase proficiency in math, improve work ethic, build responsibility/ self-esteem and self-independence, develop problem solving skills, improve attendance, participation, behavior AND increase local community economies? Yep! It’s called Entrepreneurship Education. This mindset shifting workshop will SHARE the research, EXPLAIN why and SHOW how it works.
Reading and Writing for a Generation that is Texting, Tweeting and Skyping Workshop Type: 1 Hour Staff Training Topics Covered: Why Smart phones are diminishing student achievement/ Identifying How our youth Communicate/ The pros and cons of modern technology in the classroom
Description: In the wake of a new wave of communication, have the good ole fashion ways become obsolete? Are cursive, spelling, grammar, and letter writing facing extinction? Reading and writing are primary forms of communication, so in order to help today’s generation improve their reading and writing, first we have to learn how they communicate. Tierica Berry provides insight into the minds of this new generation and helps educators delve into the pros and cons of modern technology used primarily for communication. This workshop delivers practical strategies to increase student engagement and increase scores in reading and writing. Berry challenges participants to come up with creative ways to communicate to students the importance of traditional skills and practices.


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