Tierica Berry

Women’s Empowerment Speaker, “Authorpreneur” Coach, and Published Author

Tierica Berry Image



Tierica Berry is a women’s empowerment speaker, authorpreneur coach, and published author. Tierica’s activism for literary arts stems from over 15 years of writing poetry and almost ten years as a spoken word artist. Tierica’s most recent work includes Butterfly Tales, a compilation of poems and stories of transition and resilience for young ladies.

In response to invitations from Boys and Girls Club, NAACP, and a host of other organizations across the country, she has traveled to various cities sharing her strategies on effectively expressing one’s self through the arts. Overreacting or suppressing one’s feelings can have equally detrimental outcomes such as depression, bullying, and self sabotage. Working in conjunction with Hustle University Tierica launched Affirmative Expression delivering interactive presentations teaching young ladies how the art of honoring one’s feelings can instantly improve self esteem, confidence, and performance at work or school.


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