Tierica Berry

Women’s Empowerment Speaker, “Authorpreneur” Coach, and Published Author

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“I believe everything happens for the best especially when I meet Tierica Berry. I was praying for guidance and help with finishing my book. The first time I spoke with her I just knew I was in good hands. I felt so comfortable and she guided me through the whole process of publishing my book. Tierica is so passionate about what she does and it shows. I never worked with someone who was so genuine and sincere and she assured me I was going to own my publishing company. I would recommend her to anyone.”
– RONIKA “BYRD”WARD (Author of: Something to Make A Bird Sing)
“Tierica Berry of Affirmative Expression is a consummate professional who can quickly place a finger on the pulse of budding authors. From completing my book manuscript to title selection to securing ISBN numbers and bar codes to a final published work, the processes she walked me through were simple and seamless. I gained more than just a publishing coach; I gained a friend for this journey. I would recommend Tierica’s services to anyone who has ever considered entering the world of book publication.”
– CEDRICK VON JACKSON (Author of:Following the Breadcrumb Path)
“I first approached the services of ‘Affirmative Expressions’ as a struggling artist trying to figure out how I was going to get my work out to the world. I was ambitious, yet lacked the ‘know how’ to independently get my book published. Frustrated, confused, and mentally in a limbo I sought to find someone or a creditable company that could push me in the right direction of turning my dream of publishing a book into a reality. The answers to my prayers came true the day I found out about the services of ‘Affirmative Expressions’. The company gave me a FREE consultation, and the confidence I needed to know that my hopes of becoming a published author were closer to the near future than I had previously thought. I was privileged to receive the one-on-one attention of Ms. Tierica ‘Defyne’ Berry. As soon as we had our first meeting she was efficient in helping me identify my desires for my book, my visions, as well as helping me outline a checklist for the steps needed to become published. Needless to say, with the help of ‘Affirmative Expressions’ the process was easier than I could have ever imagined. Ms. Berry created a strictly detailed plan for the release of my book and in a matter of a few short months my work was professionally as well as flawlessly published. Not only did ‘Affirmative Expressions’ help me get my work out to the world, but they also gave me great free advice on how to market my book independently. I personally give my stamp of approval to the company ‘Affirmative Expressions’ and recommend it to anyone seeking professional help with conveying their art work to the masses. Not only are the prices for the consulting affordable, but I assure you that every dime you spend will be well worth it.”
– K. ESTELLE (Author of: The 7 Principles for Raising Black Sons)

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