Steven Edwards, Ph.D.

President and CEO of Edward’s Educational Services

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We provide 1, 2 and 4-day workshop covering a variety of specific topic areas. One-day workshops consist of six contact hours. This session is interactive, with a combination of direct training and group/individual work. Specific activities are designed to meet the needs of participants. Two-day workshops are conducted on two consecutive days, five to six contact hours per day. These sessions are highly interactive, and engage trainees in individual and group activities related to the topic. Four day workshops. These sessions are divided into three components: 1) an initial two full days of training during which participants will begin to develop projects; 2) time for educators to develop activities and/or projects at their schools; and 3) a final two full days of training to evaluate, adjust, and implement their projects.

Noted speaker and author, Dr. Steve Edwards, can speak to your

organization on how to improve your school’s performance using

today’s resources. Dr. Edwards is a nationally recognized keynote

speaker and can create a presentation that will address specific

issues of your group. Some of the most popular topics he is asked to

speak on include:

 Leadership development

 School/district reform

 Strategic planning

 Engaging at-risk youth

 School safety

 And many more …

Dr. Edwards will develop a presentation specifically for your group

that will help them transform your school/district. Dr. Edwards

speeches are generally one to two hours long with time built-in for

questions and comments.


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