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Diversity & Inclusion Education Consultants




Courageous Conversations

3-Hour Courageous Conversation workshop-

participants are engaged in heartfelt discussions; primarily

focused on awarenes and knowledge of unreconciled biases, and

more culturally affirming approaches when working with clients.


3-Hour Skill Building Institutes- focuses on specific

data- driven strategies related to actively engaging in culturally

responsive praxis in the field; this workshop is focussed primarily

on skills. These interventions have generated overwhelming

empirical data related to decreasing disproportionlaity, and the

cultural divide. This training gives practitioners “real world”

working skills to address both

Workshop Title: 

Beyond Diversity Towards Inclusion: A Framework for

Multicultural Education Beyond What You Can See


Even when you can’t see diversity– every school is diverse! Our goal is to

move individuals and organizations toward philosophical and practical

change in support of multiculturalism.  Participants will learn to employ

strategies grounded in principles of equity & inclusion, regardless of the

demographic make-up of the school. In this interactive, challenging, and

engaging presentation, we will focus on: (1) facilitating new levels of

consciousness regarding unconscious bias, diversity, inclusion, equity, and

organizational change; and (2) empowering participants to become

catalysts for equity & inclusion-oriented education.


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