Hotep, MBA, Ph.D

Educational Success Strategist, Congressional Award-Winning Author & Speaker

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MAKE-A-WAY is a high relevancy Socio-Emotional, College & Career Readiness Educational program that empowers at-risk youth and traditionally underserved populations.

Our program includes: educational consulting, professional development, youth presentations, parent/community workshops and highly RELEVANT materials that provide educational strategies to build stronger RELATIONSHIPS and bring RESULTS!

Our expertise is in the areas of:
• Building Relationships and Rapport
• Positive School Climate and Culture (Anti-violence/ Bullying)
• Classroom management (PBIS)
• Establishing Relevancy (Dropout Prevention)
• Improving Literacy with Common Core
• Resilience Training (Maximizing Academic Performance)
• Working with Boys of Color

Documented results include improved:
• Achievement test scores and school grades
• Social and emotional skills
• Behavior and habits
• School engagement and attendance
• Emotional distress such as stress and depression
• Attitudes about self, others, and school

MAKE-A-WAY provides:
School Consulting and Strategic Planning
Staff Development Training
Youth Presentations
Parent Empowerment Workshops
High Relevancy Curriculum Materials


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