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Keith L. Brown



P.E.P. (Pupils, Educators and Parents) Rally

  • The P.E.P. Rally presentation is arranged with multiple packages in order to cater to the needs of each client. This multi-assembly program is catered to students, faculty/staff, and parent/community.

The Faculty and Staff Presentation (60-90 minutes):

  • The Faculty and Staff Presentation will consist of the following: Promoting Relevance, Building Relationships and increasing student engagement while enhancing students intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially. Mr. Brown will also focus on Team Building, Morale and Communicating Effectively with Students and Educating each day with Passion and Purpose.

The Student Presentation (45-60 minutes):

  • The Student presentations will focus on the following: Mr. Brown will ignite students and then empower students via Academic Excellence, Character Growth, Post-Secondary Education, Goal Setting, Social Media, Career Exploration, Citizenship, Life Skills and Life Long Learning. Presentations are relevant, engaging, upbeat and very interactive.

The Parent/Community Presentation (60-90 minutes):

The parent/community component will consist of the following:

  • Enhancing the ability of parents to assist in the educational process of
    their children.
  • Emphasis on the promotion of literacy within the home.
  • Encouraging Parental Involvement and High Expectations within the home
    and school.

Identity Theft 101: Giving Our Youth Their Identities Back

In this fast-paced society where those not in the movement to empower youth label our young people and give them their identities, Keith L. Brown, endeavors to provoke real change by giving change agents strategies to give our youth their identities back. This high octane, interactive workshop will include inspirational stories from transformational youth who are proving that when it comes to our young people, there is no average. The session will also use the key tenets of motivation, education, and transformation to illustrate that we, who represent our young people, need to be more valiant and proactive in our efforts to ensure that our youth become transformational leaders with core values.
Presentation Objectives:
• Participants will be able to use three tenets of Motivation to engage youth for the
purpose of establishing a lifelong positive identity.
• Participants will be able to utilize three innovative teaching strategies on identity to
incorporate on a daily basis to enhance self-esteem and self- efficacy.
• Participants will identify the difference between the REAL world (Positive Images of
Youth) and the REEL world (Negative Images of Youth).

Have Some PIE (Perception is Everything)?

This is a high octane, interactive, thought provoking workshop where Keith L. Brown will prove his “PIE (Perception Is Everything)” Theory. With this theory Mr. Brown proves that PIE is the key ingredient to the success or failure of today’s youth and families. Through relevant examples, Mr. Brown will illustrate how our Perceptions determine our level of expectations for youth, how we educate and interact with the youth, how we relate to pop culture and social media, and the level of commitment that we put forth once our Perceptions are in place. This workshop is designed to reshape your paradigm as it relates to some politically correct beliefs such as, “I don’t see color,” and “I treat them all the same.” This workshop is a MUST for ALL “Change Agents” who genuinely want to have the same impact on youth as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Skype, BET, and MTV, BUT with much more substance. This “PIE” will cause you to “Lose the Wait” in terms of bridging the gap between adults and today’s youth and provide strategies which can be used as bridge builders.

Colleges & Universities

The Nerve of You:

Have the Nerve to Serve: The art of being a Servant,
Transformational, and Creative Leader.
Target Audience: Universal.

“not impossible/I’M POSSIBLE:”

Navigating the Collegiate Experience with
Belief, Brains and Balance.” Target Audience: Universal.

“The Reel VS The REAL WORLD:”

” Engaging Keynote/Workshop on Academic
Excellence, Leadership, Life Skills, Networking, and the assets and liabilities of Social Media and Pop Culture.
Target Audience: Universal.

“PROSPECTS not Suspects:

Avoiding the negative stereotypes of Students of
Target Audience: Universal.

Faith Based Institutions
“not impossible- I’M POSSIBLE:”

Have the Nerve to Serve/Feed the Need to Lead
[Youth and Adult Workshops available].

I’m HUMAN not just a HUEman™:

Countering the attack to systematically destroy young men of color.

Reach them to Teach Them:

Creative Relevant ways to involve youth in ministry and


“There IS an I in Team:”

In this paradigm changing keynote/workshop, Keith defines
and gives tangible ways on how to benefit from the “I in Team.” This is a MUST HAVE
for companies, agencies and organizations seeking to maximize cohesiveness and
collaboration among team members and long-term positive results.

“Reflect, Protect, Connect:”

Living our mission while on a mission.

“Clearance Sale:”

Reducing negative attitudes and performance in the workplace while
increasing collaboration and customer service.

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