Adam Haizlip, M.Ed

Diversity & Inclusion Education Consultant

Adam Haizlip Image



With over a decade of direct experience as an Urban Youth Educator, the presenter’s academic training and research is focused on advancing multicultural education and developing strategies for teachers, school administrators, and families.
As Co-founder of The Haizlip Group Adam has served in primary, secondary and postsecondary educational environments. Most recently, as coordinator of Georgia Southern University’s African American Male Initiative, professor of First Year Experience, and Doctoral Fellow and candidate in the department of Curriculum Foundations and Reading at Georgia Southern University; Adam has a focused research interests in areas pertaining to the intersections of race, gender and American education systems. Implementing a “Real Talk” approach, Haizlip engages young people, practitioners, educators and administrators on the continuum of ethnic and gender representation to engage in critically reflective exercises.

As presenters The Haizlip Group has the ability to foster culturally affirming environments to engage audiences in “Courageous Conversations”.


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